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Surfaces Wall Tatoo 質の壁のステッカー
Japan Technology . DIY Friendly . Quality & Durability

Transform your room. Decorate your wall. Show your creativity & personality with the new Surfaces Wall Tatoo 質の壁のステッカー

Offered in various sizes up to a “Full-Wall” dimension, there are more than 1000 designs for you to choose from, from “modern comtemparary” to “country classic” to “kid-fun”, from “mono color” to “full photomural effect”, you will never see Wall Stickers like this before.

Surfaces Wall Tatoo 質の壁のステッカー can be sticked on wall, on ceiling, on wood, on glass or even on your cabinets. You can “mix & match” or “multiply” more than 1 item to create your very own design. Everything is possible, only at a fraction of money & time spent.

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